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About this style pack...

This is a 4-pack of hand-crafted Capture One styles designed to give you a headstart on creating award-winning and impactful images. Download these styles into Capture One and get started today!

You'll get...

  • BW Styles: 20 Black and White Styles crafted for a wide range of uses from landscape to portraits allowing default settings for lightning and darkening grasses and skies along with creative split toning effects giving your images a finished look.

  • Color Specials Styles: Color Special Styles are a collection of 20 unique adjustments to provide an extensive set of creative tools. Each style was manually created to give your images a unique look. Be sure to try each Style on several different images. The results are always interesting. Many of the Special styles can be applied as a separate layer for greater control.

  • Landscape Styles: These 20 Spicyjello Landscape Styles were tuned by applying to hundreds of unique sample images. This collection offers styles with broad application to specific color range adjustments. Many of the landscape Styles can be utilized as a separate layer for greater control.

  • Portrait Styles: These 21 Portraits Styles will give you great creative control over your portraits. Styles include black and white with cool and warm options, special effects, and styles specifically configured for eyes and smooth skin.

  • BONUS: Grunge Styles! Grungy, grimy, dirty, and distressed. Add a little imperfect to your perfect images!

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  • 1xCapture One Styles BUNDLE (5-Pack)$47

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"I'm really enjoying these styles. You can tell they were meticulously crafted by a professional. I've been using these styles for a few weeks now and they've become my go-to for almost every image I edit. Amazing."
Richard Gray

"How valuable it is to get a set of amazing styles pre-built by not only a seasoned professional photographer, but someone who is clearly fanatical about Capture One. These are great, thanks."
Tonya Parkson